Mota-Engil, with an experience of over 66 years, is a national leading and international reference. Mota-Engil combines technical skills in the areas of Engineering and Construction, and Environmental Services, Transportation Infrastructures Concessions and Mining.

With a customer base of around 3.3 MM euros and a turnover of 2.2 MM euros (in 2012) is present in 20 countries and 3 continents. Mota-Engil concentrates its operations in three geographical hubs - Europe, Africa and Latin America - in each market while maintaining the same standards of accuracy, quality and execution capabilities that allow us to affirm the Mota-Engil internationally.

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In 2011 EGAPI was selected to perform the upgrade of software for the operation of quarries and aggregates and concrete plants, giving rise to a new version of SIPI, Version 7 (Information Systems for Industrial Weighing).

The goals for the upgrade were clear:

  • The software would have to operate in a centralized logic, from the private cloud in Mota-Engil, so that the MOTA - ENGIL SHARED SERVICES could support all operations ;
  • Software certification by Portuguese Tax Authority in compliance with the legal provisions in force from January 1, 2011;
  • Online integration with the SAP central platform;
  • Automation, by integration with SAP, the operations that were performed manually and prone to errors, such as loading and verification of data;
  • Integration with existing automation systems ARLACO and ARCEN;
  • The software would have to be communication fault-tolerant to the private cloud. Some of the inert core are located in areas with little coverage of telecommunications. Areas where access is possible only by satellite, like interior of Angola and Malawi.

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After a year of close collaboration, between the EGAPI and Mota-Engil SHARED SERVICES, the goals, previously defined, were all targeted and the implementation was completed in all centers managed by it.

The optimization of architecture and data management implemented in SIPI V.7 , elevated him to another level with the ability to integrate with the 3rd platform, running in offline mode, reducing considerably the administrative costs and the expected costs in communications by satellite, between the centers and the private cloud.

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