• Seaports

    Seaports assume a fundamental role in the economy, as they dynamically integrate supply and transportation chains in the «hinterland».

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  • Airports

    The airports are designated for the care of passengers and goods who use the aircraft as a mean of transport, freight and mail by air. Location , ser…

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  • Logistics Platforms

    Constant competition of companies for a higher productivity have resulted in recent decades in unparalleled gains in efficiency.

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  • Wine Cellars

    The high demands of the food industry , beyond the obvious compliance with HACCP and any quality certifications, requires the use of appropriate comp…

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  • Quarries and Aggregates

    Quarries are industrial centers of extraction and production of aggregates for the construction industry.

    Its main objective is the marketing of a…

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  • Concrete Plants

    The bituminous concrete plants, produce and supply the major civil works with various types of concrete, which vary in accordance with the requiremen…

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  • Sanitary Landfills and Echocentres

    Solid Waste (SW), commonly referred to by urban waste, are the result of domestic activity and trade settlements. Its composition varies from populat…

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  • Food Distribution

    Logistic chain supply for food distribution evolved considerably in recent years with the goal of increasing the supply of products to its customers …

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  • Public Administration

    Public Administration is a set of organizations and institutions that directly depend on the public authorities, take a diverse set of functions fund…

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  • Stadiums and Arenas

    Football Stadiums and Arenas are designed to be authentic stage show offering to its viewers optimal conditions for assistance for events.

    The hig…

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  • Energetic

    The rationalization of energy consumption is the major challenge of this new century.

    In any production process, industrial or services, the Ratio…

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