The high demands of the food industry , beyond the obvious compliance with HACCP and any quality certifications, requires the use of appropriate computer tools to support the processes of production and processing.

For many food products are specifics in agricultural and industrial processes, which are complex challenges to IT staff. Wine production have processes that do not fall into standard methodologies of process control and production. In recent years , the development of information systems, as well as its accessibility, allowed the construction of powerful tools to support agro-industrial processes.

EGAPI Wine Cellar - IS is produced by a multidisciplinary team (computing and enology). EGAPI built a 100% adapted system to the realities of wine and winemaking processes.

The high demands of the food industry, beyond the obvious compliance with HACCP and any quality certifications, requires the use of computer tools to support appropriate viticulture and enological processes.

The specificity of the Wine Cellar - IS supports the complexity of the processes involved in winemaking , and translates into a tool that in addition to optimizing processes, compiles and provides valuable technical information and management on production, either financially - costs, administrative and technical winemaking.

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The HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system for food safety management that has as its main objective the analysis of the various stages of food production to identify potential hazards to the health of consumers and to develop preventive measures, by setting critical control points.

Currently a HACCP system can be certified to ISO 22000.

One of the main problems related to the processing food is food security, ie, control of hazards of food contamination hazards due to physical, chemical or microbiological. These may occur in any stage of the process: reception of raw materials, storage, preparation of the final product and confection.

The manufacture process, defined process control encompasses not only raw materials but also the people, equipment, facilities and packages. Should consider the risks from cross contamination related to raw materials, packaging and products.

For the analysis and identification of potential hazards from operations, the critical control points are defined and the actions to take. Keeping these points under control ensures conformity of the products produced.

The companies involved in the implementation of its Quality Assurance System check that ISO 9000 provides an excellent basis for many initiatives and that the HACCP fits particularly well in this model. After identifying the critical control points (by HACCP), their monitoring and control is guaranteed by ISO 9000. Being complementary, ISO 9000 and HACCP must be used together and are fundamental to the evolution of the business.

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