The facilities management for events requires the existence of integrated systems that support complex models of management and operation.

Arena Systems is an integrated and modular platform, designed to support the tickets sale, operation and events access control in:

  • Multipurpose halls;
  • Exhibition grounds;
  • Convention centers;
  • Theatres, Auditoriums, Arenas;
  • Stadiums.

Provides functionality for the complete event management, namely:

  • Definition of facilities and event management;
  • Management of customers and partners;
  • Customer loyalty;
  • Ticketing;
  • International events;
  • Control the access to events and facilities.
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Installations and Events

A comprehensive parametrized model that allows the definition of various topologies of 'facilities' within the same infrastructure, suitable for different types of events.

Similarly, the characterization of events, support different models of marketing, promotion and operation management:

  • Ticket Pricing;
  • Promotions;
  • Cross Selling between facilities;
  • Clusters of events;
  • Preferred places;
  • Accreditation policy and management;
  • Sales channels
  • Definition of accessibility;
  • Layouts and types of tickets.


The events support is assisted by specific modules of Entities Management.

The Entities Management and their business models are supported by a Service Portal, available for attendance, Contact Center or Web.

The Service Portal supports operational components such as:

  • Associates Management;
  • Customer Management;
  • Seat sale;
  • Groupings sale;
  • Quota Management;
  • Platforms Points/Loyalty;
  • Subscriptions to publications;
  • Multimedia content.

The Entity Management encompasses a Management Card platform or Securities Access Credentials for validation and access control.

It offers support different technologies and interfaces:

  • Optics;
  • Radio frequency;
  • Biometrics.


The Points/Loyalty platforms supports the consolidation between the facilities operation and loyalty points platforms with other entities.

It offers the following features:

  • Products with points parametrization;
  • Accumulation and rebate points;
  • Current account points;
  • Interfaces with other entities to accumulation and rebate points.


Ticketing system that allows sale, reservation or renewal of:

  • Places;
  • Clusters of events;
  • Tickets;
  • Cards.

Supports parameterization by 'Channel' Sales: web presence, call centers, etc. ..

Displays the information about the places, (price and location), and interactivity provides graphical occupancy status of the installation, in real time.

For not presential channels, there is a titles printing platform managed by type of security, shipment and delivery.

  • Presential sales channels;
  • Not presential sales channels;
  • Control and Management of integrated boxes;
  • Multiple payment methos;
  • Integration with loyalty platforms;
  • Messaging for operation and disclosure.

International Events

The process of booking and sale for events of international competitions, is ruled by specific complex rules with their own dynamics inherent to the evolution of the results throughout the tournament.

Arena System responds to the specific needs of issuing titles to international events:

  • WEB Portal - pre registrations;
  • Importing files (other federations);
  • Parameterization of tickets, federations/pricing;
  • Validation of pre-registration;
  • Giveaway pre-registrations;
  • Issue custom/ transmission;
  • Support operations articulated with federations and events like UEFA EURO 2004.

Access Control

The facilities access control is supported by the implementation of physical barriers such as:

  • Turnstiles or turnstiles;
  • Terminal with operator;
  • Doors and gates;
  • Road barriers.

In all peripherals are installed access control controllers. The SISCON controllers, designed and produced by EGAPI, were designed for real-time operation of an integrated system.

Equated for operation in environments with high levels of robustness, performance and reliability, allow the validation of access by communicating with a server and central database.

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