We know that information technology ( IT ) plays a key role in ensuring improvements in the competitiveness of organizations, improving processes and controlling costs, thereby increases productivity in the production of their goods and services. It is necessary for IT to adapt, constantly, to new economic and technological paradigms that exploit this potential and develop tools and supports that leverage these organizations.

At EGAPI we were capitalizing on knowledge, accumulated over the past 20 years, and building solid operating models and IT management for organizations to remain focused on their core business.

We offer a range of services characterized by accuracy, confidentiality and focused on the specific problems of each client. These services are based on multidisciplinary teams with solid knowledge in areas such as project planning, software development, electronics and automation. This set of skills confer EGAPI a full capacity for project implementation, product development and equipment suited to the needs of each client and their business area.

The provision of these services can be punctual or being on an agreement of Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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The accumulated experience and overcome challenges, over the years, in the development and implementation of solutions allows us to safely provide services that will help identify problems and provide solutions.

  • Auditing IT infrastructure (network and equipment);
  • Audit databases;
  • Security audit;
  • Audit the electronic solutions and automation;
  • Audit processes.

Software development and solutions integration

The development of software platforms/applications is inseparable from the field of technological components, from the deep knowledge of business processes on each of the business areas in which we operate .

The complementary technical structures: software (SW), electronics and automation, embedded in the same structure, give EGAPI the capacity to full project implementation and development of full solutions tailored to the needs of each business area.

  • Production and product development SW Application: Databases, Portals, Data Exploration (BI);
  • Generic and specific SW development;
  • Designing integrated solutions;
  • Integration with third-party solutions, whether SW or hardware based, preferably, on standards already established. Eg EDI/EDIFACT.

Cases of successful implementation of our solutions demonstrate our competence and confidence that can be placed in EGAPI.

Development of electronic systems and automation

The development of electronic automation is part of the Genesis EGAPI. The development and continuous improvement plays an important role in our solutions. This obtained knowledge warrants us in choosing the best security components resulting in reference implementations of automation, control, telemetry and technical management.

We have reference projects, internally developed, in areas such as energy management, ports, airports and supermarkets.

Over 20 years of experience allows us to be available for new challenges with specific developments of industrial electronic systems.

Corrective and preventive maintenance

As a result of multidisciplinary teams knowledge that we have and the operating models and IT management that we were improving, we provide services on preventive and corrective maintenance that extend for:

Database Administration (ORACLE and Microsoft SQL Server)

  • Database management support;
  • Database optimization.

Maintaining the IT infrastructure (network and equipment)

  • Support for management and administration on networks, diagnosis and maintenance of logical components;
  • Installation services for hosts (servers) and client stations (stations);
  • Configuration or remote configuration support.


  • Monitoring EGAPI solutions;
  • Database monitoring;
  • Monitoring electronic equipment and automation;
  • Monitoring IT infrastructure (network and equipment).

Consulting and training

EGAPI is available to assist in making decisions, formulate solutions and determine the best alternative to overcome problems that have major impact on current and future results of an organization. Combining the EGAPI experience, knowledge and network of partnerships with organization's strategy will certainly reflect on new solutions and methodologies with great added value.

Our consulting teams are multidisciplinary and have analytical capability to consistently:

  • Survey of functional requirements;
  • Designing processes and systems;
  • Design and management of IT projects;
  • Planning technology infrastructure support systems.

Complementary consulting with staff training is essential for the proper performance of the same. It is always an asset to an organization. The training can be occasional or continuous. Within the competence of EGAPI, training may focus on:

  • Formation about products and solutions EGAPI;
  • Training on project management;
  • Formation about electronic solutions and automation ;
  • Technology training on databases (Oracle and MS SQL Server);
  • Training on operating systems;
  • Training on infrastructure networks.


Our outsourcing service allows access to our expertise and know-how. Differs from an SLA that is established as a partnership, and the resulting confidence, between the two entities for delegating areas that are not core to the contractor.

An outsourcing agreement with the EGAPI, will certainly allow considerable gains in productivity, reduced risk and cost not justified. Another advantage, often overlooked, resulting from the synergy of collaboration that can evolve and lead to the development of joint projects.

The areas available for outsourcing, can go from project management, application development, systems development, electronics and automation, management and maintenance of IT infrastructure (network and equipment) and optimization and monitoring processes.

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