The Economic Activities Management is a software package dedicated to the management of municipal economic activities.

It is a modular system developed for the management of:

  • Commercial establishments:
    • Business Park management;
    • Maintenance of entities data related to spaces;
    • Licenses management;
    • Definition and implementation of licensing fees.
  • Markets and fairs:
    • Occupation trade management, markets and sales vendors;
    • Registration of wich entities occupy and operate in these spaces;
    • Definition and application of fees associated with the various types of occupation.
  • Metrology and Inspection:
    • Parameterization of the various types of audits;
    • Definition of inspection teams and their elements;
    • Definition of foreign metrology;
    • Definition of documents to be used in audits.
  • Checking Accounts:
    • Financial documents coming from the modules: Markets and Fairs, shops and inspections (Metrology);
    • Financial management of billing documents;
    • File import and export (MB/CTT);
    • Data collection parameterization;
    • Maintenance of the current account of all existing entities in markets and fairs and commercial establishments.

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