Identity validation systems have evolved over the years. Better validation and lower identity exchanges towards preventing unauthorized access to private information and or locations.

Unequivocally person identification, without failures or identity exchanges, is only possible by making use of its unique characteristics, such as fingerprint, facial recognition or voice.

Of the methods of biometric identification, facial recognition is what provides a wider range of solutions. It allow identification at distance and does not require a direct iteration between person and machine.

There are numerous facial recognition applications, such as:

Access control
Allows to control the access to a particular area by identifying the person using face recognition. Is a safe authentication method since it not transmissible, such as cards, allowing only authorized access to authorized persons.
Non intrusive access control
Allows the validation without the need of prior registration, nor any kind of data storage for future use. Cases where
the need is only to ensure that people entering a particular area are the same as leaving or vice versa. In the first motion capture is performed in the second identification and validation. This kind of control is not intended to traditional access control (with registration and prior clearance).
Use facial recognition to support surveillance operations through unauthorized persons identification. Using video surveillance cameras, allows, for example, to identify a person who is in a blacklist or notify the presence of a specific person.
Biometric login
Provides access to computer systems via facial recognition.
People Counting
By intelligent video analysis you can identify, count people as well bearing.
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