The high demands of the food industry, in compliance with HACCP standards, the sophisticated manufacturing processes, the quality certifications and cost control, requires appropriated and integrated computer tools.

HACCP standard is a preventative approach with the goal to avoid potential risks to consumers in the food chain. It is based on the application of technical and scientific principles in the production and handling of foodstuffs.

The seven Principles :

  • Identify hazards and defining preventive measures;
  • Identify the Critical Control Points (CCP);
  • Establish critical limits for each measure associated with CCP;
  • Monitoring/controlling each CCP;
  • Establish corrective actions for each Limit Deviation;
  • Establish verification procedures;
  • Create a registration system for all inspections.

The EGAPI solutions for Agro-Food Industry support the complexity of the processes involved in food production. Translate into a set of tools that compile and provide valuable technical and financial information for production management.

  • Universal and integrated platforms;
  • Traceability and product safety;
  • Efficiency control and operation ;
  • Compliance and procedures optimization;
  • On-time cost control.

Platforms like EGAPI Wine-Cellar allow wine producers rely on an advanced computer system that supports all wine making process (viticulture, harvest, lots, vessels, laboratory management and production and commercial management), with over 60 wineries successfully installed, since 1994, in the Iberian Peninsula.

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