Football Stadiums and Arenas are designed to be authentic stage show offering to its viewers optimal conditions for assistance for events.

The high number of spectators that such facilities can accommodate in a single event requires particular conditions of security and access validation.

You need the accreditation of distinct sets of users, such as spectators who purchase ticket, fan groups, operational, vigilant, press and media, police, etc.. A system able to ensure that the user only accesses the location to which he has been accredited by the access route previously defined, is crucial in access control and event security.

EGAPI has ticketing and access control solutions for Stadiums and Arenas that support the management and operation of various events. These components provide solutions for event management, facility layouts, ticketing, loyalty platforms, club associated and there quotation in access control.

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    Access control main goal is to allow access to a property, building or room, only to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved thro…

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  • Arena System

    The facilities management for events requires the existence of integrated systems that support complex models of management and operation.

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