Social Housing Management is a system that enables the management of municipal houses leased or granted to their citizens .

The complete record of all the information on neighbourhoods and social housing is the base pillar of a Social Housing management system.

The direct relationship between the houses, and their respective tenants, as well the operations, make this system an efficient and essential management 'tool'.

The Social Housing Management integrates with GIS (Geographic Information Systems), wich all information is available from a georeferenced interface.

The recording of information inherent to the lessees of the housing stock, as well as their households, is the most effective way to manage a lot of housing , which at first is always insufficient.

The tasks of issuance of receipts for rents, control payments, and interdepartmental relationships with treasury services, are arduous. In this area seeks to streamline as much as possible throughout process, implementing processes that go beyond the simple issue receipts for income.

Keep in perfect conservation conditions the Social Housing park is by itself a difficult goal to achieve. Therefore, obtain and handle as much information on the subject can help indexing efforts and priorities .

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