Constant competition of companies for a higher productivity have resulted in recent decades in unparalleled gains in efficiency.
The reduction of distances and the steady and rapid growth of information systems originated proximity of the criteria of quality and productivity achieved by competing companies in various sectors.

The agility and confidence in handling materials and information have become key differentiating factors to increase the competitiveness, resulting in logistical efficiency.

Providing solutions for the transportation, storage, and information flow from increasingly complex operations required for the production of products tailored to each client´s needs, are the challenge of logistic platforms.

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    EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is an international standard for the transition of electronic documents between organizations. EDIFACT is the standard for data transition for Administration, Commerce and Transport.

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  • ACCR

    Automatic Container Code Recognition is a solution for streamline logistics processes and operations by capturing and recognizing automatically license plates of containerized goods.

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  • Physical-Check

    Physical-Check is a solution to validate the entry and exit of goods in logistics facilities integrated in access control operations and procedures.

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