EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is an international standard for the transition of electronic documents between organizations. EDIFACT is the standard for data transition for Administration, Commerce and Transport.

EDI is an enabler of business communication between organizations and leverage information exchange. Cross-sectoral and with formalized data streams ensures the secure exchange of information.

EGAPI develops solutions that enable flexible deployment and customization of EDIT/EDIFACT messages to support organizational processes.

The productivity increase, the reduction of failures in document exchange, notification and receiving documents on-time, are some of the main advantages of the adoption of these standards.

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  • ID-System

    EGAPI ID-System is a Universal Platform for:

    • Security & Surveillance;
    • Attendance & Access controls;
    • Operation & Logistics.

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  • Physical-Check

    Physical-Check is a solution to validate the entry and exit of goods in logistics facilities integrated in access control operations and procedures.

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