The agro-food production requires special concepts of control and production management.

In agricultural production require specific tools for monitoring and management.

While agricultural products, in bulk, in their processes of operation are subject to operations that  are not supported by ERPs. They are different from discrete or repetitive production methodologies.

f&b process software, allows food and beverage companies to:

  • Have a proper framework for food traceability, safety and quality assurance;
  • Compliance with international standards requirements, like HACCP, ISO 22000 and SQF, BRC, and IFS;
  • help decrease food safety administration time;
  • Have support for production planning and management;
  • Give effective production costs;
  • Specific protocols and operation procedures for each production area, like: wine, olive oil, milk, cereals, …
  • Full traceability for all products.

Why f&b process?

It is designed as a modular system that supports different types and sizes of food enterprises.

The set of modules seamlessly integrated, can be configured to companies with different types and processes of agro-food production.

Compliance with the HACCP standards and certifications for safety and quality required for agri-food industries, is hindered by the complexity of transformation processes.

The use of a perfectly adequate IT systems, translates into a tool that in addition to processes optimization, compiles and provides valuable technical and management on production, financial, administrative and technical level elements.

Experience & Maturity

f & b process is the result of the consolidation of knowledge and experience acquired which enables a system 100% adapted to the reality of the agro-food processes.

The expertise of our teams in these areas of activity allows us to approach each implementation of a complete and comprehensive manner.

Teams with a high level of technical skills and experience to implement f & b platform to create value and efficiency to their customers.


Support the operation of one of the most complex manufacturing processes, arises:

  • An effective tool for traceability in compliance with HACCP standards;
  • The creation of repositories of data for processing and quality;
  • Sustaining a solid costing platform, automatically obtained from the planning and implementation processes;
  • The support and the production of various administrative and official components for each sector.
  • Compliance with the requirements of each business area, offers time for implementation and execution, much lower than those required by traditional ERP systems.

Informação adicional

F&B Process - Agricultural

F&B Agricultural Process is a universal platform component F&B for farm management.

  • Producers Records;
  • Properties / Plots / Plantations Records;
  • Analyzes Records;
  • Occurrences:
    • Analyses;
    • Evolution of phenological stages;
    • Telemetry and Meteorological Phenomena;
    • Diseases Registration;
    • Operations and Treatments;
  • Agricultural Operations and Plans - human resources and equipment;
  • Production Costs;
  • Stock and Lots of agro-chemical products.

Supports spatial georeferencing with MS Bing Maps.

F&B Process - Agricultural

F&B Process - Coffee

F&B Process supports the production of coffee from harvest / reception, processing and lots of bulk.

The Reception of grains is accompanied by record amounts, classification and analysis of the quality of the product.

The movement is recorded taking into account losses resulting from the cleaning and removal of impurities.

The drying operation is complementary to all phases involved in coffee production.

After beneficiation coffee it is stored in a very controlled process maintaining uniform conditions of ventilation, light, temperature and humidity.

  • Blends;
  • Roasting;
  • Lots and Storage.

Alongside the production process solution enables cost control at each stage.

F&B Process - Coffee

F&B process - Milk

F&B Process is a platform that meets the increasing demands made by the dairy industry in controlling and monitoring the processes involved in milk production.

F&B Process, accompanies all stages of collection and processing of milk, allowing the traceability of the final product, ensuring quality and food safety.

Phases of receiving, processing and storing milk:

  • Milk reception;
  • Filtration;
  • Cooling;
  • Storage spin;
  • Homogenization;
  • Pasteurization;
  • Storage.

The system enables planning of all phases of the process, and the recording and analysis of operations applied in each phase.

F&B Process - Milk

F&B Process - Fruit

The F&B Process implements a targeted solution to the fruit, with the computerization of processes and crop production.

Has as its primary focus to provide support:


Registration origin of the fruit thus ensuring traceability of the entire process. Samples are recorded for quality assurance.


Dossier of the periodic washing of fruits water analyzes. All cleaning processes are recorded. Lets you find and identify the existence of phytochemicals and agro-chemicals.


Are recorded in the system "breaks" due to the selection of damaged fruit. All operations are identified and are associated with the current process, a detailed analysis of all operations involved can be made.

Classification / Calibration

Screening of fruits in order to standardize the packaging, this classification is based upon established standards regarding the color, shape and size. Quality control is present throughout the process from receipt to storage.

Packaging and labeling

Registration of plots is essential for traceability of products. All packages will be identified and related to harvesting and batch processing.

Storage Logistics

Management of storage spaces / cold rooms. During this phase the temperatures may be controlled atmosphere storage of fruits.

F&B Process - Fruit

F&B Process - Wine

F&B Process Wine makes the integrated management of winemaking processes, laboratory management lots and their deposits, with the aim of providing the widest possible range of work tools and technical information for Enology and Production, by the following features:

Winemaking processes

  • Definition of Protocols Winemaking (Phases, Operations, Actions, Adding Wine Tours, Chemical Analysis, Additional Information);
  • Defining Content Types with dynamic features.

Fermentation Control

  • Worksheets per fermentation tank;
  • Continuous recording of temperature and density (Chart of temperature and density on-line);
  • Setup of physicochemical analyzes that will be displayed in the fermentation plug (probable alcohol, total acidity, free SO2, Total SO2, etc.);
  • Adding oenological products;
  • Additional info;
  • Programming and direct control of the automata for the control of temperature and reassembly.

Movements and Operations on Bulk

  • Graphical Query deposits / tanks (contents and quantities);
  • Racking, filtering, "allotment", collages, etc.;
  • Purchases and transfers content, with support for official documentation and enological analytical parameters;
  • Samples of must / wine;
  • Allows simulation batches based on the types of content and / or costs;
  • Adding oenological products;
  • Use of PDA’s and Tablets for registration / execution of transactions in bulk.

Batch Management and Control

  • Parameterization of lot numbers (prefix, suffix, sequential);
  • Exchange in automatic or manual batch numbering.


  • Absolute Inheritance batches / transactions;
  • Dynamic Query through the historic tree structure at any time of the drafting process automation;
  • Integration, control and continuous record of data from the electronic equipment used for:
    • Control of temperature;
    • Reassembly;
    • Centrifugation / filtration;
    • Cooling / stabilization, etc.;
  • Setting up alerts based on values obtained.


  • Definition of fermentation tanks;
  • Definition of barrels to stage (individual management and control);
  • Grouping barrels for stage (deposit or course of barrels);
  • Registration historical usage of barrels stage.


  • Direct costs and additional costs;
  • Costing and finished vintage wines;
  • Calculation of costs by type of content based on: vintage year, batch and deposit state.


  • Analyses physicochemical;
  • Sensory analyzes;
  • Microbiological analysis;
  • Sheets analyzes;
  • Generating samples;
  • Generating barcodes for sample identification;
  • Registration of the sample by radio terminals;
  • Sample identification through bar code readers;
  • Integration with electronic laboratory equipment for the automatic recording of results.
F&B Process - Wine

F&B Process - Olive Oil

The F&B Process implements processing in olive oil mills.

Has as its primary focus:

  • Olive oil produced traceability;
  • Single system for managing the mill;
  • Equipment integration;
  • Operational efficiency;
  • Real-time information.

F&B Process, covering the production process of oil in its main three phases:


Supported by the integration of electronic systems for the collection of information on producers and olive accompanying documents.

The process of automatic reception allows you to collect and weigh the classification of olive.


At this stage are recorded and monitored processes treatment of olives, with the record of operations, drive, equipment involved, and always having the associated labor costs.


Are registered ensuring the best conditions for storage and sampling of the same record.

F&B Process - Olive Oil

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