Attendance is steadily achieving a compromise to be present in a certain place at a time stipulated in advance and is usually associated with the performance of work.

In some countries the legislation mandate the employer to keep a record of hours worked by the employee. For example, the Portuguese Law is quite explicit:

«The employer shall maintain a record in order to establish the number of hours worked by the employee, per day and per week, indicating the start time and finish the job.»

A solution for the management and control of attendance must record the of incoming and outgoing worker movements. Should, preferably, include reliable mechanisms to unequivocally identify a person. Examples are the reading fingerprint and iris. It should also simplify and streamline the processes associated with human resources management with a high level of security and reliability.

The advantages of time and attendance solutions are clear:

  • High level of safety and reliability in controlling attendance, allowing greater control of employee schedules, resulting in higher productivity;
  • Simplification of user management maintenance, reducing administrative costs;
  • Stimulation of the relationship with the employees, boosting productivity;
  • Streamlined procedures for handling information from the attendance terminals, ease in payroll and keep records updated;
  • Ease of operation, lowering training requirements.
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EGAPI attendance solution

In conjunction with the Access Control system, taking advantage of the installed infrastructure and information base on the ID-System platform, is available a powerful and flexible tool for Attendance Management and Planning for Employees.

Is available, integrated or not, with the access control management platform, which uses the same equipment, optimizing the resources of existing HW & SW.


  • Schedules Planning and human resources management for the company/facility;
  • Planned hours and carried out;
  • Definition of "rules" for noncompliance schedule/attendance;
  • Workflow authorization for:
    • scheduled absences;
    • nonconformities;
    • overtime;
    • exchange of employees between facilities;
    • exchange unfolds schedules/resources;
    • control extra work or compensatory;
    • accounts hours.
  • Processing presence records, parametrized by models of labour standards;
  • Integration with ERP/HR to payroll processing.


  • Web platform;
  • Interactive tools "drag and drop";
  • Chronological view by appeal or the planning of each facility;
  • View daily, weekly, monthly per employee or facility;
  • Worker and managers portal;
  • Automatic notification, via Email or SMS;
  • Maps for planning and 'reporting' to oversight bodies.
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  • ID-System

    EGAPI ID-System is a Universal Platform for:

    • Security & Surveillance;
    • Attendance & Access controls;
    • Operation & Logistics.

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