• F&B Process

    The agro-food production requires special concepts of control and production management. In agricultural production require specific tools for monitoring and management.

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  • Wine Cellar IS

    Wine Cellar - IS is an ERP for viticulture that supports the inherent processes complexity in producing wine.

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  • ID-System

    EGAPI ID-System is a Universal Platform for:

    • Security & Surveillance;
    • Attendance & Access controls;
    • Operation & Logistics.

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  • Single Card Port

    Single Card Port is a electronic platform for centralizing and streamlining processes that requests for access to port facilities and manage their authorizations.

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  • Weight Process

    The EGAPI Weight Process product is an aggregate of a set of applications developed around each business, operating in an integrated manner with weighing platforms.

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  • Arena System

    The facilities management for events requires the existence of integrated systems that support complex models of management and operation.

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