Energy management is intended to manage and optimize energy consumption.

Applies to different types of energy, such as:

  • electricity;
  • gas;
  • diesel;
  • water;
  • compressed air;
  • inert gases.

Real time consumption data acquisition allows faster analysis and better metrics for further decisions towards optimization and efficient resource management. The decisions are supported by matching different tariff/operators with results of the quantitative analysis/time consumption. Therefore are given a set of measures to enable energy optimization and consequent cost reduction. Measures to implement the energy optimization can be the at management level, for example the exchange of energy supplier, or at the operational level like turning off equipment at times of no processing.

The energy optimization should is a recursive process with periodic analysis of consumption and consequent implementation of measures.

As an objective approach to the challenges of energy rationalization, which directly or indirectly will govern and influence the economy development, we are confident that this solution contributes proactively to our future.

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