Quarries are industrial centers of extraction and production of aggregates for the construction industry.

Its main objective is the marketing of aggregates for different application areas, such as buildings, roads, bridges, etc..

Being part of the major construction works, their efficiency is critical, not only in production but also in providing speedy and timely delivery of products ordered every moment.

EGAPI is pioneer in the installation of weight information systems (1990) for centers of production and expedition of aggregates.
Implements solutions that allow to support the operation of centers of production in several areas:

  • Shipping and Weighing;
  • Customer Management;
  • Construction Management - Informational - Transport;
  • CE Aggregates Rules;
  • Credit Control Center;
  • Production Orders - Productivity / costs;
  • Production Control - Continuous Weighing;
  • Construction and Maintenance.

Reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency, are the advantages of implementing solutions with components weighing automated and integrated management systems operational.

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  • Industrial Weighing

    The industrial weighing is crucial in supporting operations in the manufacturing industry, freight, logistics, packaging and industrial processes.

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  • Weight Process

    The EGAPI Weight Process product is an aggregate of a set of applications developed around each business, operating in an integrated manner with weighing platforms.

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