Single Card Port is a electronic platform for centralizing and streamlining processes that requests for access to port facilities and manage their authorizations.

Agile instrument and fundamental to the implementation of a set of security measures, defined in ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code), setted by the IMO (International Maritime Organization).

It is a universal platform for the entire community that supports the entire process of application, approval, credentialing and access control in all port areas, with particular importance for international zones and access to ships, by means of visually and digital single card.

Allows port users to manage, through a dedicated portal, the application process for authorization of persons and vehicles, with concurrent validity for the Border Authority, Maritime Authority and the Port Authority and Port Facilities.

It also enables integration with external systems for application requests trying obtain authorizations. It also allows sending information to other external systems, such invoicing processes integration with SAP/R3 and GIS for location information and safety.

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