Physical-Check is a solution to validate the entry and exit of goods in logistics facilities integrated in access control operations and procedures.

Allows physical container validation at sealing level, the physical state and merchandise validation, when the container is delivered to the next operator in the logistics supply chain.

Containers, to be received and shipped, must be previously approved upon advertisements via input and output in EDIFACT format (COPARN message type) to streamline the process validation.

Depending on the format of the logistics facility and type of transport (road and rail), gates can be installed to capture and recognize vehicle, wagon and container plates that are essential to automate the validation process. Also image and video, with container state, can be recorded.

The physical check can report, by EDIFACT (CODECO message type), the entry/exit point and enhancing the tracking of containers and their goods.

This solution enables the logistics operators to:

  • Streamline the receiving and shipping operations and administrative processes;
  • Support the physical validation process (seals, plates and containers);
  • Operational planning;
  • Addressing the goods to loading and unloading platforms.
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