The EGAPI Weight Process product is an aggregate of a set of applications developed around each business, operating in an integrated manner with weighing platforms. Applications and simple procedures are applied in solving complex problems in areas such as agriculture, commerce and industry. Applications and procedures that have been applied, successfully, to manufacturing industry operations, business processes, freight, logistics and packaging.

Since 1990 EGAPI has been perfecting the process of weighing and ensures the achievement of the following goals:

  • Weighing Equipment Integration;
  • Implementation and Integration with PLC 's (PLC) to control processes;
  • Central operation with rationalization of resources;
  • Critical analysis of the processes/methods of work;
  • Single and specific platform for the Production Areas/Weighing;
  • Control and operational costs;
  • Processes and operations automation;
  • Information organization : Reporting and Information Management ;
  • Information integration (uniqueness data between facilities and Territories);
  • Improved communication/processes between the various facilities;
  • Online integration with ERP systems (SAP , Navision , Primavera , etc..).

These objectives have been achieved in four markets where it show the Weight Process full potential: in cellars, in centrals of solid wastes and eco-centers, in quarries and aggregates and concrete plants.
In these markets we have adapted and improved the weighing process to:

  • Road weighbridges on self-service operation;
  • Rail weighbridges;
  • Circuit scales/Dosage;
  • Dynamic weighing on the conveyor belt of products or raw materials.

All the flexibility of this product, combined with our experience in the field of industrial electronics and automation, is demonstrated in the implementation of specific weighing solutions. We have implementations in pigs slaughterhouses with real-time classification of the flesh «Fat-O-Meter»

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    With an experience of over 66 years and is the national leader and an international reference, Mota-Engil combines technical skills in the areas of Engineering and Construction, and Environmental Services, Transportation Infrastructures Concessions and Mining.

    Present in 20 countries and 3 continents, Mota-Engil concentrates its operations in three geographical hubs - Europe, Africa and Latin America - in each market while maintaining the same standards of accuracy, quality and execution capabilities that allow us to affirm the Mota-Engil internationally.

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