The industrial weighing is crucial in supporting operations in the manufacturing industry, freight, logistics, packaging and industrial processes.

The EGAPI offers a set of simple solutions to solve complex problems in sectors, such as agriculture, commerce and industry.

The automation of the weighing processes have a direct impact on reducing operating costs.

EGAPI provides countless application formats for weighing solutions:

  • Road weighbridges
    Weighing of vehicles, automatically integrated with the operational systems. Usually available in self-service form with automatic plate and/or entities detection.
  • Rail weighbridges
    Weighing of bulk liquids and solids transported on railways, with full clearance of the cargo by type.
  • Dynamic Weighing carpet
    Weighing of raw material as is being conveyed along the operation carpet circuit.
  • Circuit dosage
    Weighing till the raw material or product to reach a predefined dosage. In this type of application allows full control of the dosage, the number of doses produced and the cumulative totals.

For organizations where the core business is focused on industrial weighing products or raw materials (produced or acquired), EGAPI provides solutions for managing the entire operational process.

Based on the processes of industrial weighing, EGAPI developed specific solutions for:

  • Inerts facilities;
  • Concrete and Bituminous production plants;
  • Solid waste treatment plants.

The implementation of an integrated industrial weighing solution enables:

  • Centralized operation, streamline resources and process;
  • Critical analysis of the processes/methods;
  • Unified platform specific for the production areas;
  • Control of operating costs;
  • Automation of processes and operations;
  • Organization of information: Reporting and information management;
  • Integration (principle of unique data between facilities and territories);
  • Improving communication between various facilities;
  • Online integration with ERP systems (SAP, Navision, Primavera).
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  • Weight Process

    The EGAPI Weight Process product is an aggregate of a set of applications developed around each business, operating in an integrated manner with weighing platforms.

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