February 2016

The Moatize coal mine was officially inaugurated in May 2011. Estimated life span of 35 years.

The Brasilian company VALE spend more than $8 billion in the Moatize mine. Production begin with 11 million tonnes, now is prepared to 22 million tonnes per year.

EGAPI MINING is a platform, developed and implemented to control the activities related to the production of 120 000 t / day, that MOTA-ENGIL AFRICA has contracted with Vale.

The mining operations involve high investment and operating costs.Therefore, effective control of production costs and maximum profitability of assets is essential to MOTA-ENGIL AFRICA.

The management and optimization of a mining operation is only possible with adequate data collection "on-time", building consistent information to persons involved in the operation management.

It is a difficult task, given the large number of data to analysis, their origin, and dissemination lag in time.

You cannot manage without measuring!

You cannot measure without proper tools!

EGAPI MINING is the right solution!


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