March 2015

XPLOSIV is a “cloud” service (internet) for Traceability of Civil Explosives, developed by EGAPI TECHNOLOGIES.
Users of this online service, guarantee the traceability of explosives in the acquisition and consumption.

The Portuguese Law No. 265/2009 of 29 September, aims to establish a system of identification and traceability of explosives for civil use, in accordance with the provisions of European Council Directive 93/15 / EEC of the Council of 5 April 1993 on the harmonization of the provisions relating to the placing on the market and supervision of explosives for civil use.

The XPLOSIV Service consists of a central data base system to support the information involving the traceability of explosives. From receipt to consumption, operations are carried out by terminal (PDA), resistant, suitable for reading QR-CODES for "picking" pallets, boxes and units.

  • Allows an agile process of reception ("picking") of explosives, supporting XML files according to standard FEEM (Federation of European Explosives Manufacturers);
  • Access from any computer with access to reliable and stable Internet;
  • Supports unlimited number of sites and terminals by Company;
  • Supports unlimited number of users and profiles by Company;
  • Information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year;
  • Data storage Warranty for a period of 10 years.

Allows you to see the information inherent to the process of receiving explosives, guides suppliers, generating receiving documents based on the outcome of "picking" pallets and / or boxes and / or units delivered.

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