June 2015

The CUP - Single Harbor Card is a universal electronic platform for the entire port community.
Supports the entire application process, approval, accreditation and access control, in all port areas of particular importance for the international zone and access to ships through a unique visual and digital card.

Allows the user to port areas, carry through a dedicated portal, the process of application for authorization of persons and vehicles, with simultaneous validity to the Border Authority, Maritime and Port Authority and Port Facility Authority.

The CUP integrates with external systems to process authorizations. Authorizations for crew and passenger vessels, are automatically integrated from the JUP / JUL.

The evolution of the CUP platform, is the result of experience gained over the past eight years to monitor the operation, intending to optimize the efficiency and quality of operations, as well as the intention of making CUP2 platform in a more comprehensive and universal system.

In addition to the technologic evolution, multilingual support and mobile interface, CUP2 can be configured for integrated operation between various ports and various delegations of Border Authorities (SEF).

It also created a new area of "Enterprise" for direct management of credentials by large groups of users.


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