May 2015

The EGAPI TECHNOLOGIES has been selected by the Portuguese Society of Engineers for the development and implementation of an IT solution to support the project Skills and Vocational Training Valuation.

The project is develop a web platform for information management members of the Portuguese Society of Engineers, with regard to qualifications and training.

Members of the Portuguese Society of Engineers, throughout their working life can upgrade his category based on the number of years of experience and training acquired complementary.
Each engineer may request to Portuguese Society of Engineers developments in its category and obtain its Curriculum Vitae Certificate.

Based on the "history" of each member, the training and professional activities, are accounted for PDU - Professional Development Units.
It is important and critical to the Engineers ensure the quality of information relating to each of its members.

With this project, the members of the Portuguese Society of Engineers will be able from the portal to register training and professional activities as well as the issuance of statements, certificates and Curriculum Vitae Certificates via web.

The platform allows to members of the Portuguese Society of Engineers manage "online" information relating to his career and continuing education.

The portal allows the Engineers submit all records verification and approval processes in a electronic "workflow" process.
All activities of members will be recorded and may be used for the production of Curriculum Vitae Certificate and evolution within the Portuguese Society of Engineers.


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