November 2015

EGAPI visited the Panama, where he made contacts with local terminals and port operators.

With the portfolio of solutions and project experience in the port sector that has, with main focus on the areas of security and logistics, contacts were established with important local economic agents such as PSA - Panama.

The Panama Channel was created to connect the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean - with the aim of facilitating international maritime trade. The construction of the canal allowed ships sailing between the two oceans could move more safely and take him half the time to make the journey.

In 2007, it began the expansion of the Panama Canal, which will allow much larger vessels - about three times the size of current - to navigate through the channel, increasing the daily traffic of ships and cargoes.

The completion of works is planned for mid-2016 and will certainly have a positive impact for Portugal, with the expected growth of the Port of Sines.

Sines, is where EGAPI has conducted major projects and developed new products and technologies for port infrastructure.


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