December 2015

In its 25th anniversary, EGAPI achieved an excellent economic performance.

The turnover volume grew by more than 78%, accompanied by an increase of consistent net income.

The 2015 results, replenish the EGAPI at the level of previous values to 2010.

In addition to the achieved growth in 2015 was instrumental in the creation of new products and platforms, such as XPLOSIV explosives tracking system, implementation of Faro Ports and Portimão, the professional development platform VALORIe in the Portuguese Society of Engineers.

The implementation in Angola of new Concrete and Bituminous industrial centres of Mota-Engil, continue to enhance the internationalization of EGAPI software.

EGAPI thank to all employees, without whom these results would not have been achieved, as well as all customers who honour us with their preference.


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