February 2015

EGAPI implemented corporate sites for Adega Cooperativa da Ponte da Barca and Viniverde.
Ponte da Barca Cooperative started activity in 1968, it consists of over 1,100 winegrowers belonging to Ponte da Barca and Arcos de Valdevez regions.

This winery, is a customer of EGAPI Wine Cellar IS platform since 1998.

Has followed the evolution of the markets, equipping in recent years with modern and sophisticated technological components, allowing you to ensure the quality, authenticity and image that today its wines enjoy in the world market.

In 2008 Barca winery founded together with other wineries in the region the Viniverde company - Promotion and Trade of Vinho Verde, also an EGAPI Wine-Cellar costumer.

Those two companies trusted in EGAPI TECHNOLOGIES the development and implementation of their web sites.

Both sites have "online" wine stores, reaching the world consumers of their great wines.

See more at www.adegapontedabarca.pt and www.viniverde.pt.


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