March 2012

The Port of Sines celebrated with EGAPI Technologies, an agreement aimed at world wide marketing of CUP - Single Card Port .
The EGAPI was the technology partner who collaborated with the Port of Sines in developing the software solution and has native integration with its platform and Control Access Management - ID -System.

The experience and maturity of EGAPI, places it in a better position to market and implement this product.

The Single Card Port is an instrument of simplification and streamlining of authorization procedures and enhanced levels of safety and security in border controls. In this context, the Administration of the Port of Sines, which retains the right of ownership of the system, considered to be of public interest the dissemination of this important platform in order to contribute to the greater attractiveness of maritime transport and ports, so entered into this agreement.

The Single Card Port (visual and digital) is issued electronically and previously validated by different authorities and entities - border, maritime, port and harbour facilities - establishing itself as an important tool for simplifying the collaborative work and increased control. The ordinances of all international areas of the harbour are integrated in this model of streamlining procedures, reducing the time of authorization (which are previously issued ), as well as administrative simplification of all actors involved.

For the purposes of access control to ships - crew, passengers and entries on board - this software integrates naturally with JUP II - Port Single Window, in which resides all the information scales of vessels, allowing users of the port address all information at one time in a single channel.

The development of Single Card Port was based on work of "Forum Simplification of Procedures Port of Sines", with special participation of SEF Sines, targeting the above mentioned objectives and in due compliance with the requirements of the ISPS Code (International ship and Port facility security Code), set by the IMO (International Maritime Organization), which establishes a set of measures to support the security of ships and port facilities establishing, in conjunction with system access control, registration and control the entry and exit of people and vehicles in port facilities, and setting each time the access permissions, depending on the level of security ISPS.


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