September 2015

Quinta de Azevedo, located in Lama parish, Barcelos is one of the oldest and magnificent Portuguese Solar, whose tower has its origins in the eleventh century.

Quinta de Azevedo is the winery Sogrape for the Region of Vinho Verde and simultaneously a prestigious space for the reception of his best customers, representing the development of a significant presence of Sogrape wines in this region.

The Solar and Quinta benefited from meticulous restoration work, improvement and decoration at the same time they were planted new vineyards, an area of almost 40 hectares, and the installation of a modern winemaking facility, with excellent conditions for producing Vinho Verde.

Continuing winemaking automation projects with EGAPI, similar as the Quinta de Carvalhais, Avintes and Herdade do Peso, this control component and automation fermentations of EGAPI Wine-Cellar IS platform, allows an effective digital control of fermentations in integration with other control factors as the traceability of fermentation of fine Vinho Verde produced at Quinta de Azevedo.


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