The Port is the largest port infrastructure in northern Portugal and one of the most important in the country.

With 5 km of quay, 60 ha of flattened land and 120 ha of wet, Leixões has good accessibility sea, road and rail, as well as modern equipment and advanced management information systems of ships.

APDL Zonas

Representing 25% of the Portuguese foreign trade by sea and moving 16.4 million tons of goods per year, Leixões is one of the most competitive and versatile national ports, with about 3000 ships per year passing through , and managing all kinds of cargo.

In 2010 EGAPI wins the tender for the implementation of the system Access Control and Attendance Management in the Port of Leixoes.

In this implementation, ID-System platform performs the integration of subsystems of intrusion and surveillance by consolidating all infrastructure components and security of buildings, car parks and harbor areas.

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